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As an important part of smart cities, the wireless smart single lamp controller which independently developed by Shuncom AIOT has created a new type of road lighting soltuion, and will lead the future lighting development trend.

THe whole system is based on advanced wireless communication technology and adopts a unified cloud platform for efficient management. Without changing the structure of the lamp or adding wiring, it can realize remote switching, dimming, monitoring and circuit control of a single lamp, and support longitude and latitude scheduled control, every other lamp lights on, etc. In addition, dimming can be realized based on pedestrian 35 flow, so as to achieve energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent control.

Street Lighting

Street Lighting IoT Solution

System Features:

  • Multiple communication technology available, including zigbee, NB-IoT, LoRa, Cat.1, 5G;
  • No need pre-arrange wiring, easy installation, short commissioning time, prior investigation of the project site is not required, plug and play;
  • Long communication range, strong anti-interference, flexible networking, can realize data transmission of one point to multi-points devices and multi-points to multi-points devices, can form star network, mesh network, etc.
  • Rich expandability, can be connected via Zigbee. Rain and snow sensor, illuminance sensor , vehicle flow sensor, switching value sensor, 4-20mA sensor (data collection), 0-5V sensor (data collection), etc.
  • The platform uses B/S architecture, provide service interfaces based on Web Service. Support access of large capacity wireless street lighting, provide control and management function .
  • Intelligent strategy management function, realize on-demand control or automatic control as per customer needs.

Function Description:

  • Wireless communication via Zigbee, NB-IoT, LoRa, etc., transmit and receive data in real time;
  • Self-diagnosis and self-recovery;
  • Remote or local automatic dimming of street lamp to save energy;
  • Wireless router, can also act as repeater;
  • Monitor lamp data, including current, voltage, power, etc.

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