Smart Solar Lighting

Smart control system is applied for the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, and it is also an inevitable method to realized the safe operation in tunnels.

Application range

Solar street light MPPT charging system solutions are widely used in the lighting of urban and rural roads, highways, water conservancy dikes, bridges, islands, parks, industrial areas, urban squares, residential quarters, parking lots, and other places.

The system is mainly composed of photovoltaic modules, MPPT solar street light controllers, batteries and LED lamps. Solar street light MPPT charging system solution is a solution to outdoor lighting problems using MPPT charging method. The MPPT tracking efficiency can reach 99.9%, which significantly improves the energy utilization efficiency of the photovoltaic system, which is about 15% to 20% higher than the traditional PWM charging efficiency, which solves the problem of energy waste caused by the low charging efficiency of the traditional controller.

Using advanced digital power technology, the circuit energy conversion efficiency is as high as 96%. Using the matching remote control SR-CU-ALL, using external transmission technology, you can directly debug various parameters in the solar street light controller, which is convenient and quick.

Smart Solar Lighting

Smart Solar Lighting

Main Features

◆ Using MovingTrack MPPT maximum power tracking technology, higher tracking efficiency and faster speed

◆ Both lead-acid battery and lithium battery are applicable, operating parameters can be set by remote control;

◆ Using UltraGreen power control technology with extremely low power consumption and sleep current

◆ Lead-acid battery multi-stage constant voltage charging with temperature compensation;

◆ 10-period programmable load power/time control;

◆ Battery charge and discharge high and low temperature protection, with operating temperature settable;

◆ A variety of intelligent power modes are available for choice, with load power adjustable automatically according to the battery level;

◆ High precision digital step-up constant current control algorithm, ensuring high efficiency and high constant current accuracy;

◆ Infrared wireless communication, allowing for setting/reading parameters, reading status, etc;

◆ Multiple protections such as battery/PV reverse polarity protection, LED short-circuit/open-circuit/limited power protection, etc;

◆ Extensible to IoT remote communication monitoring function;

◆ Full aluminum housing, IP67 waterproof rating, applicable to a variety of harsh environments.太阳能.png

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