SZ10-TA5 and Solar MPPT


SZ10-DM-TA5 is an integrated solar light controller which composed of two main modules, solar MPPT and TA5 controller.These two modules are connected via RS485 interface, and as a whole it communicates with base station wirelessly. SZ10-DM-TA5 controller is specially developed for control and management of solar lighting.


  1. Product Description

The waterproof MPPT is a constant current control module, and it integrates Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking charging management, LED boost constant current drive, remote networking communication and other functions in one. It is suitable for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, gel batteries, etc.

The TA5 controller is an important part of the solar lamp control system. Its core chip adopts the self-developed ZigBee wireless communication module. It can communicate with gateway & network server so as to realize the functions of lamp on/off control, dimming, current and voltage collection, etc.

MPPT and TA5 are connected via RS485 interface. With professional hardware and software design, the integrated SZ10-DM-TA5 has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high precision, energy saving, powerful functionalities, simple installation, easy maintenance, etc. And makes it a high-performance product in control and management of solar lighting.

Main Features of SZ10-DM-TA5 solar light controller:

  • Using MovingTrack MPPT maximum power tracking technology, higher tracking efficiency and faster speed;
  • Both lead-acid battery and lithium battery are applicable, operating parameters can be set by remote control;
  • Using UltraGreen power control technology with extremely low power consumption and sleep current;
  • Lead-acid battery multi-stage constant voltage charging with temperature compensation;
  • 10-period programmable load power/time control;
  • Battery charge and discharge high and low temperature protection, with operating temperature settable;
  • A variety of intelligent power modes are available for choice, with load power adjustable automaticallyaccording to the battery level;
  • High precision digital step-up constant current control algorithm, ensuring highefficiency and high constant current accuracy;
  • Infrared wireless communication, allowing for setting/reading parameters, reading status, etc.;
  • Multiple protections such as battery/PV reverse polarity protection, LED short-circuit/open-circuit/limitedpower protection, etc.;
  • Full aluminum housing, IP67 waterproof rating, applicable to a variety of harsh environments;
  • MPPT Protections: Battery reverse polarity protection, solar panel reverse polarity protection, solar panel over-voltage protection, lithium battery overcharge and overdischargeprotection, lithium battery BMS overcharge detection protection, over temperature protection, load open circuit and short circuit protection;
  • Communication connection via Zigbee ad hoc network, online send and receive messages in real time;
  • Self-diagnosis and self-recovery;
  • Control dimming function of solar street lights;
  • Wireless routing function, also can act as a repeater;
  • Can transmit data of drive current, voltage, power and other parameters through RS485/RS232 interface.

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