SZ10-GW-R4A Central Manager


SZ10-GW-R4A Centralized Manager is a professional lighting control gateway device built by Shunzhou Intelligent. Its core chip adopts self-developed ZIGBEE wireless communication module, GPRS communication module and high-performance ARM. It is specially


1、Product introduction
The SZ10-GW-R4A Centralized Manager is a component of the professional lighting control system that Shunzhou Technology has created. It is an important part of the lighting control system. Its core chip adopts the self-developed ZIGBEE wireless communication module and GPRS communication module. The high-performance ARM, combined with professional hardware and software design, makes the product powerful, easy to implement, free of wiring, reliable, easy to maintain, etc. It is a high-performance street lamp energy-saving product specially developed for intelligent street lighting. IEEE802.15.4 protocol conforming to ZIGBEE communication standard, TCP/IP protocol, interface supports 485 serial port, network NET port, and reserved switch output, 4-20MA acquisition interface, functions are mainly timing control, latitude and longitude automatic control, loop remote Control, three-phase power acquisition, burglar alarm, third-party sensor access, local operation control and other functions. The inside contains a three-phase current and three-phase voltage metering circuit, which can collect the load and power consumption of the three-phase electric power in real time, and collect the power of each circuit to count the lighting rate of the street lamp, greatly reducing the street lamp management department. Work pressure, improve work efficiency, and significantly improve social energy efficiency.
2、Product Feature
1、It can realize the data collection of three-phase electric or single-phase electric current (three-way), voltage (three-way), active power, reactive power, power factor, temperature, etc.; It has 1~8 way loop switch control.
2、The timing policy delivered by the receiving server is stored locally, and the data to be queried by the server is reported; local or remote query and configuration can be implemented; at the same time, policy query and modification can be implemented; manual real-time control commands and query commands can also be performed.
3、Loop control: With 4/8 loop control output, the default is 4 loop output.
4、Timing control: With multi-level timing control, the timing can be modified locally and remotely.
6、Longitude and latitude control: with automatic control of latitude and longitude.
7、Abnormal condition buzzer alarm (You can set the upper limit and lower limit of the alarm yourself, and query for alarm when there is abnormal data information)
8、LCD display (can choose the information you want to display), color screen with backlight
9、Button selection control (convenient configuration, menu selection query view information, select send control command)
10、Spare lithium battery (3.6V, 80Mah)
11、Device reference voltage detection (low voltage detection)
12、Status signal indicator (Reaction subnet controller real-time working status)
13、Intelligent function: automatically combines various sensors (temperature, rain, snow, light) to automatically analyze local weather conditions and environmental conditions to automatically control the light switch and brightness.
14、Reserved function: SMS abnormal data alarm; smart phone through the APP, to achieve the monitoring of the lights.

三、Product parameters

Power consumption  3.7W SIM card voltage   3V,1.8V
Power supply Three phase | single phase | Transmission rate Downstream maximum: 85.6Kbps Upstream maximum: 42.8Kbps
Wireless frequency band 2.4G Communication Interface ZIGBEE, GPRS, RJ-NET optional
Acquisition parameter U,I.P.Q.T Sensor access Rain and snow, light, traffic flow, switching, 4-20MA, 0-5V, etc.
Communication Interface GPRS\CDMA Single network capacity 0 to 500 nodes
Product Size 285cm*179cm*96cm ZIGBEECommunication distance Line of sight 2000M between single points
shell ABS Protocol Shunzhou private, modbus, State Grid meter 97, 07 statute
Loop switch 8 roads\4 roads Meter access Support the access of State Grid Smart Meter 485 port
ARM High performance 32-bit ARM processor Antenna gain 1DB
Lightning protection level Anti-surge 6000V single phase Antenna interface SMA male
range of working temperature -40℃~+75℃(Industrial grade) Antenna standing wave 《1.5