Cat.1 DTU



Support 232, 485, USB interface; suitable for photovoltaic, agriculture, electric power, energy consumption monitoring and other scenarios; aluminum alloy shell, high speed, low latency, wide coverage, low cost, remote control FOTA upgrade,
1. SZ02-C1 is a brand new LTE Cat.1 DTU launched by Shunzhou, a newly upgraded software and hardware solution, a communication method that is more in line with market demand, and can provide customers with a more cost-effective choice.
2. The product adopts Cat.1 communication module, which perfectly replaces 2G/3G network. Under the background of 2G/3G withdrawal, 4G expensive, and slow NB, it provides the best solution for medium and low-speed wireless IoT applications.
3. The advantages of millisecond-level delay, wide LTE network coverage, and ultra-high cost performance will be the best choice to replace 2G/3G data transmission terminals.