Microwave Sensor


The shaded data is measured by a person who is 165cm tall, weighs 60kg, and walking at a speed of 1m / s.

The dotted line data is obtained by a person who is 165cm tall and weighs 60kg, and stopping or walking slowly.


Operating Voltage specified load working frequency Transmit power
Standby power consumption

120/277Vac, 50/60Hz
400W@120Vac, BOOW@220-277Vac(Capacitive load)
BOOW@120Vac, 1200W@220-277Vac(Resistive load)
5.8GHz士75MHz, ISM wave band
Detection arae(radius)Bm Max.
IMax nstallation height Delay setting
Waiting time
Waiting dimming ratio light and dark setting
Operating temperature

15m Sensor:5s/30s/1 min/3min/20min/30m1n
Remote control: 5s/30s/1 m1n/3m1n/Sm1n/1 Omin/20min/30mm
Sensor:Os/1 min/3min/1 Omin/30min/ =
Remote control: Os/1 Os/1 min/3min/5min/1 Omin/30min/+ =
Sensor:10%120%/30%/50% Sensor:51ux/151ux/301ux/501ux/1001ux/1501ux/Disable