CBOX Gateway


SZ11-CBOX-ADV Advanced

SZ11-CBOX-PRO Professional

SZ11-CBOX-STD Standard


Power Management
Remote control switch; 3-way AC220V output power supply; Can be extended to 9 ways via external 485 port circuit control equipment; Maximum single way current allowed 10A; One DV12V port; One DC24V port.
Multi Networks Online
Support WiFi, 4G, Ethernet port and Optical port connecting to the Internet. Multiple networks can stay online simultaneously.
Rich Router Functions
Support port mapping, meet demands of different network conditions.
4G Network Full Compatibility
Stable and topspeed networking experience, fully compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
Powerfule WiFi
Multiple modes, support AP, STA, Repeater.
Active Polling
Active polling of serial port device (MODBUS), help clients save time wasted on cumbersome SCADA Modbus commands.
Strong Anti-Interference
Industrial design, metal case, stable 7×24 hours uninterrupted. Work under various industrial environments and strong interference.
Ingress Protection

Optical Access and Ring Network
Optical port features Layer 2 networking, adapts to ring and chain networking scenarios. The number of network ports can be flexibly configured to different service ports by adding or removing embedded switching communication modules.
Convenient Commissioning and maintenance
Support NAT penetration, meet the need of remote access to LAN device, reducing workload of operation and maintenance.
Intelligent Network Switching
Mutual backup between cable network and wireless network, ensuring stable data transmission. Intelligent switching and backup of multi-networks. Auto-save data when network offline and resume data transmission when network reconnect.
Rich Protocol
Support transparent transmission, MODBUS RTU to TCP, MQTT.
Industrial Grade Gateway
Using industrial grade high-speed 4G wireless communication module, 32-bit high-end processor, front-end acquisition of information transmission in real-time and at higher speed.
Various Wireless Communication Technolgies
Multiple downstream telecommunication options for flexible applications, Zigbee, LoRa, Bluetooth, etc.