Landscape lighting


The project involves the intelligent transformation of two bypass lights on the periphery of Beijing Bird’s Nest and the road ahead. The project adopts the SZ10-NEMA-V3 street light controller with Shunzhou intelligent local strategy. After the transformation, it can easily realize the light and dark and switch control of the single street lamp. On the one hand, it can achieve the goal of energy saving, on the other hand, it can also realize the surrounding of the nest. Lighting control.

Project Features:

(1) Through the intelligent lighting control system, all street lights can be controlled in a unified manner, and different functions such as lighting and lighting can be realized through single lamp control;

(2) Through the timing strategy, latitude and longitude strategy, and illuminance sensor, the intelligent lighting control system can automatically and accurately time the time;

(3) The system fault is reported automatically and the inspection is convenient.



The project involves the lighting control of “one river and two banks” landscape lighting fixtures in Nanchong City. The construction of the unified lighting control system for the night lighting in the main urban area of Nanchong City will be incorporated into the intelligent lighting section of the digital municipal comprehensive management system, which will mainly realize the intelligent control and centralized management of urban night lighting.

The solution includes remote lighting/dimming, terminal grouping control/scene lighting, automatic inspection terminal, remote meter reading, data statistics processing, hierarchical authority, GIS map display, automatic fault alarm and other functions.