Xuzhou Feng County LoRa City Intelligent Lighting Reconstruction Project


Application scale: 12,000 sets Project duration: 2018 Product model: SZ10-LoRa-R1A street light controller, SZ10-GW-R4A centralized manager (smart gateway) Project introduction:

Smart city is an important direction for national urban construction, and intelligent lighting is an indispensable link. In the past, Fengxian streetlight control mainly relied on the unified switch of the distribution box. It was a piece of light and a dimming. The control is rigid and cannot meet the different lighting needs in different regions and different scenarios. Shunzhou Intelligent provides Fengxian with advanced LoRa urban intelligent lighting solutions to help Fengxian achieve intelligent upgrade of the entire city lighting system. project outcome:

After upgrading and upgrading, the LoRa street light controller and the street light centralized manager realize remote group intelligent management of the whole city by sub-area, which can realize different dimming and opening according to various forms such as actual illumination, latitude and longitude, and timing strategy. Turn off the lights, etc., and have automatic fault alarm function, which can also realize urban lighting energy-saving function.

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