Shanghai Dalian Road Tunnel Lighting Reconstruction Project


Application scale: 1200 pcs Project duration: 2012 Product model: SZ10-RIA street light controller, SZ10-GW-R4A centralized manager (smart gateway) Purpose: Municipal traffic lighting energy management project Details:

In 2012, the Dalian 1200-inch LED tunnel light intelligent lighting system renovation project of Dalian Road Tunnel. The lighting transformation adopts the wireless control mode to realize the individual control of each lamp in the tunnel, and realizes the preset scene dimming, group dimming, and pre-made rich control interfaces such as brightness outside the hole, traffic flow, sunshine time, and fire alarm priority control. Realized intelligent dimming and fine dimming. The online inspection function of the system performs real-time inspection on each lamp to accurately locate the lamps that have failed and control failure, and also improves the maintenance efficiency of the lamps.

Tunnel lighting

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