Dongguan Huancheng High Speed Lighting Single Light Control Project

Application scale: 4800 sets of project duration: 2014 Product model: SZ10-RIA street light controller, SZ10-GW-R4A centralized manager (intelligent gateway) Project introduction: 4800 pcs LED street light intelligent lighting system renovation project of Huancheng Road, Dongguan City; The Ring Road Expressway has a total length of more than 60 kilometers and more than 4,800 LED street lights. The street lamp intelligent management system has three functions, which can achieve energy-saving, practical and environmental protection effects.

Project achievements: 1. Real-time remote switch and dimming control for all lamps; 2. Real-time remote acquisition of temperature, current and other related data when all street lamps work; 3. Management page can clearly grasp the location of abnormal street lights and abnormal causes, Greatly speed up the maintenance and reduce the maintenance cost; 4. The system has an alarm function. If any street lamp has an abnormal situation, the system will immediately alarm; 5. The system can realize time-sharing and stepless control to achieve secondary energy saving. The street lamp power can be adjusted according to road usage.

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