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Application scale: 4800 sets of project duration: 2014 Product model: SZ10-RIA street light controller, SZ10-GW-R4A centralized manager (intelligent gateway) Project introduction: 4800 pcs LED street light intelligent lighting system renovation project of Huancheng Road, Dongguan City; The Ring Road Expressway has a total length of more than 60 kilometers and more than 4,800 LED street lights. The street lamp intelligent management system has three functions, which can achieve energy-saving, practical and environmental protection effects.

Project achievements: 1. Real-time remote switch and dimming control for all lamps; 2. Real-time remote acquisition of temperature, current and other related data when all street lamps work; 3. Management page can clearly grasp the location of abnormal street lights and abnormal causes, Greatly speed up the maintenance and reduce the maintenance cost; 4. The system has an alarm function. If any street lamp has an abnormal situation, the system will immediately alarm; 5. The system can realize time-sharing and stepless control to achieve secondary energy saving. The street lamp power can be adjusted according to road usage.



The project involves intelligent lighting control of nearly 600 street lights inside and outside the Phoenix Mountain Tunnel. The project implements differentiated streetlight policy control for different environments inside and outside the tunnel.

Project Features:

(1) Remote intelligent control of the street lights inside and outside the tunnel through strategic deployment can ensure that the vehicle is safer when entering and leaving the tunnel;

(2) Adjusting the brightness of the light according to the difference of the number of vehicles and the number of vehicles passing through, the effect of street lamp energy saving can be realized;

(3) The street lamp failure is automatically reported remotely, and the inspection is more convenient.

Anhui Maanshan Factory Intelligent Lighting Reconstruction Project


Project time: May 2018 Project scale: 1000+ pcs lighting project related: Intelligent upgrade of more than 1,000 lighting fixtures in Maanshan Power Plant. The project uses a smart lighting control system solution based on zigbee. The scheme adopts Shunzhou intelligent single lamp controller + intelligent gateway + intelligent lighting management platform to realize intelligent control of more than 1000 lamps in the factory.




The Smart Campus Project of Capital Normal University adopts multi-functional wisdom light pole as the intelligent lighting network node, realizes the construction of intelligent lighting control system network through reasonable position layout on campus, realizes the switch of the whole campus lights and the self-densification of self-density through the gateway control strategy. Adjustment, remote control is also possible. In addition, the project also has inspection and fault alarm functions, which can greatly reduce the labor cost of campus lighting management.


The project involves the intelligent transformation of two bypass lights on the periphery of Beijing Bird’s Nest and the road ahead. The project adopts the SZ10-NEMA-V3 street light controller with Shunzhou intelligent local strategy. After the transformation, it can easily realize the light and dark and switch control of the single street lamp. On the one hand, it can achieve the goal of energy saving, on the other hand, it can also realize the surrounding of the nest. Lighting control.

Project Features:

(1) Through the intelligent lighting control system, all street lights can be controlled in a unified manner, and different functions such as lighting and lighting can be realized through single lamp control;

(2) Through the timing strategy, latitude and longitude strategy, and illuminance sensor, the intelligent lighting control system can automatically and accurately time the time;

(3) The system fault is reported automatically and the inspection is convenient.



The project involves the lighting control of “one river and two banks” landscape lighting fixtures in Nanchong City. The construction of the unified lighting control system for the night lighting in the main urban area of Nanchong City will be incorporated into the intelligent lighting section of the digital municipal comprehensive management system, which will mainly realize the intelligent control and centralized management of urban night lighting.

The solution includes remote lighting/dimming, terminal grouping control/scene lighting, automatic inspection terminal, remote meter reading, data statistics processing, hierarchical authority, GIS map display, automatic fault alarm and other functions.


Application scale: 12,000 sets Project duration: 2018 Product model: SZ10-LoRa-R1A street light controller, SZ10-GW-R4A centralized manager (smart gateway) Project introduction:

Smart city is an important direction for national urban construction, and intelligent lighting is an indispensable link. In the past, Fengxian streetlight control mainly relied on the unified switch of the distribution box. It was a piece of light and a dimming. The control is rigid and cannot meet the different lighting needs in different regions and different scenarios. Shunzhou Intelligent provides Fengxian with advanced LoRa urban intelligent lighting solutions to help Fengxian achieve intelligent upgrade of the entire city lighting system. project outcome:

After upgrading and upgrading, the LoRa street light controller and the street light centralized manager realize remote group intelligent management of the whole city by sub-area, which can realize different dimming and opening according to various forms such as actual illumination, latitude and longitude, and timing strategy. Turn off the lights, etc., and have automatic fault alarm function, which can also realize urban lighting energy-saving function.



Application scale: 1200 pcs Project duration: 2012 Product model: SZ10-RIA street light controller, SZ10-GW-R4A centralized manager (smart gateway) Purpose: Municipal traffic lighting energy management project Details:

In 2012, the Dalian 1200-inch LED tunnel light intelligent lighting system renovation project of Dalian Road Tunnel. The lighting transformation adopts the wireless control mode to realize the individual control of each lamp in the tunnel, and realizes the preset scene dimming, group dimming, and pre-made rich control interfaces such as brightness outside the hole, traffic flow, sunshine time, and fire alarm priority control. Realized intelligent dimming and fine dimming. The online inspection function of the system performs real-time inspection on each lamp to accurately locate the lamps that have failed and control failure, and also improves the maintenance efficiency of the lamps.